Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mr. Wallbanger and his Cake

I'm recovering from a wild and wacky week at work. Spent yesterday morning with my beach bum/architect cousin measuring a huge dirty stinky building for a client. She's going to be remodeling it for a pre-school and will be quite lovely. Right now, it's disgusting and I couldn't wait to get out of there. We were in the back outdoor area, measuring for play space, and were tromping across dog poop and used condoms. ICK ICK ICK.

On the love front - WHAT LOVE FRONT?!?!?! It doesn't exist, unfortunately. Met a wonderful guy last Wednesday - I think I told you about him. He's a psychologist at San Quentin (wow) and a really cool, laid back guy. we had instant chemistry, I thought. We spent much of Saturday sailing and hanging out at the club (even Mummie popped in and met him), and then Sunday we had lunch with a friend and hung out at his apartment...;) I was a good girl though. Didn't hear anything from him until Thursday night - I emailed him Wednesday just to say hi, and he emailed back the oh-so-wonderful "Hi, how are you? Sorry I haven't got back to you. Thanks for a great weekend. That said, unfortunately, I don't feel the way I want to feel at the beginning of dating, relationships, ect... I know myself well, and when I feel like this it is better for everyone that I move on. Once again thanks for everything, we had a lot of fun. Take care, G." I'm bummed, but whatever. I didn't know him that long, but had hopes for something great. No big deal, I suppose, but YUCK!

The very next email I got after his was an email from one of my best guy friends who I haven't seen since he moved to Vegas 2 years ago to be a reporter. He's coming back!! He got a job as a freelance reporter at NBC11, so we'll get to see him on our tee-vees! He'll be back in December, and I'm thrilled that he's not moving his skinny assed blonde girlfriend here quite yet, so that he and I will get some good quality time together. Being single was always ok as long as he was around to entertain me.

My God, did I even tell you about the 29-year-old virgin!!?? I know, sounds great, like I could teach him a few things, but EW. I worry about a guy that is 29 and still a virgin. He was even in a relationship for TWO years and didn't bang the girl. He says he's "overly cautious of boundaries." No thanks. Even Mummie said, "I think you should quietly tiptoe away from this guy..." And so I did. I gave him the old, "I"m so busy with work, I don't have the time to invest in a relationship right now" email.
God, dating on the internets has become so impersonal.

Thursday night, I went over to my neighbor's house - he's a HOT HOT HOT Irishman from County Cork (where my family is from in Ireland - dad's side), and we bumped into each other at Sam's not too long ago. He's also VERY good friends with that half Chinese guy that I was seeing a while ago. We hung out at his house - 2 doors down from me - and then went down to Sam's so he could eat dinner (I had already eaten). Then the Chinese guy shows up! He was embarassed that he was imposing on our date, but he wasn't - it wasn't a date - honestly, I didn't feel romantic feelings towards this Irishman at all! It was actually kind of nice! Although, he did pay for my wine, and I'm going to bake him a cake today, so I don't know what that means. I don't think I have EVER baked a cake for anyone. I'm not that domestic! But, we had a very nice time, and I'm happy to have a really hot good looking nice neighbor to hang out with. I guess when we met, one of my annoying friends was annoying him, and he kept looking for me to rescue him! We made a pact that we'd always look out for each other in bars, and whisk the other away, and walk home together. You should have seen the Chinese guy's jealous mug as we left the bar together to walk home in the rain. I will bet you a dollar that he calls me within the week (the Chinese guy). Guys always want what they can't have. Don't worry, I'm not going to get involved with him, it's just really fun to smirk about it.

What else!? My goodness, there's so much to catch up on! I hope I haven't bored you to tears! Today, I have been invited to a Opening Day of Crab Season Crab Feed at my ex-boyfriend (4 years ago)'s house. He enjoys crab fishing, so I guess he's probably out on his boat as we speak picking up his crab pots and all his crabs! I am going to have crabs tonight! Har har har. My good friend Stacy is coming with me, because my ex now has a girlfriend - who I'm going to meet. Ugh. I'm baking a Harvey Wallbanger cake that is SO simple and 1950's, but is to DIE FOR. 1 pkg yellow cake mix, 1 pkg vanilla instant pudding, 1/2 cup oil, 4 eggs, 1/4 cup vodka, 1/4 cup galliano, and 3/4 cup OJ. In a bundt cake pan, 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes. Dust with powdered sugar, or I usually poke holes in the top, and make a glaze from the powdered sugar and OJ and drizzle on top. It's SO good.

And there you go - Miz Miller, the purl girl herself, in a nutshell.
Wish I had pics to illustrate, but actually, as I re-read this, I'm kind of glad I don't... :)
And I am knitting another Tuft scarf - so easy and so fun. I love that yarn. Trying to find a good hat 'n' scarf recipe to knit for my adorable (grown up) cousin in Portland. Any ideas are very welcome!


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