Friday, September 09, 2005

I got tagged...

Whew - I don't even know what it means to get tagged, but here goes. I think I'm supposed to answer these questions:

ten years ago: I was a Junior in high school! I was still living at home, probably working at a coffee shop slinging espresso drinks (the Bay Area version of the typical teenager McDonald's job). I lived with Mom, and Anna and Rosie, the Maltese dogs. I had no idea who I was, or what I wanted to become. Scared of my own shadow.

five years ago: I was living in Sausalito (after having spent the millenium celebration in New Orleans! So sad...), and working at a marketing firm there. Then, unemployed for a few months, and then I got the greatest job at the Marin Humane Society where I defined my passion for domestic animal issues, made great friends, and found out a lot of who I am. I was still dating Ben - the Navy guy I was with for three long dysfunctional years, but he lived in Newport, RI, so it didn't make a lot of sense to continue with him. We broke up at the beginning of 2001.

one year ago: Working at the real estate company where I am now. Already had my real estate license, and was planning my attack to get promoted to a full agent instead of an administrative assistant. Had helped my mom sell the family condo. Was about to buy Looney the Lexus, but didn't know it yet! Was madly in love with Dave - the boy who broke my heart this most recent June. Everything was perfect. Living in my current home in Tiburon with my little dog and two cats.

five snacks: Tamari almonds, chocolate, popcorn, does wine count?, chips & salsa & guacamole!

five songs I know all the words to: almost any Beach Boys song; Bitch (Meredith Brooks); various country songs...I know, I'm a dork.

five things I would do with $100 million: 1) buy a beautiful home in Tiburon or Sausalito; 2) Pay my mother back the money I've borrowed throughout the years; 3) Buy a second home on the island of Kauai; 4) Buy a big office building or Walgreens building so I could retire and just collect rent checks; 5) give lots of money to animal rescue groups, and other worthwhile charities.

five places to run away to: 1) Hawaii; 2) anywhere in Tuscany; 3) New Zealand or Australia (but I couldn't bring my animals!); 4) Stinson Beach, California 5) My bed
Here's my problem with that question - I love where I live, and I would want to take my animals with me - so my options are limited!

five things I would never wear: 1) fur; 2) jeans with a jean jacket or shirt; 3) anything brown; 4) fake diamonds; 5) anything flesh colored

five favorite TV shows: Sex in the City; Scrubs; The O.C.; Desperate Housewives; Starved on FX

five biggest joys: Tess my dog; the kitties; my family; a great bike ride; snuggling in bed with someone I really like

favorite toys: My iPod; my laptop; my car; my bike; my dog

five people to pass this on to:
Aunt Purl


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