Friday, September 02, 2005

By Popular Demand...

So, I've been knitting on the Paris Loop for so long that I'm just getting damn bored with it. It's just And stockinette-y. And furry. It's pretty, but I think I may just rip it out. Especially after attending a Knit & Wine at Urban Knitting Studios where Linda Fenner of Zukii Designs was showing off her gorgeous patterns and yarns. The Loop just looks soo....hokey next to these beautiful patterns.

I have decided to knit a gorgeous asymetrical poncho out of really lightweight drapey yarn. It's very elegant and far more slinky and sexy than that chunky piece of you-know-what that I was knitting before.

I managed to score two balls of the new Rowan Tuft in Ivory on eBay for almost nothing. I knit up a really cool, skinny scarf in about two hours on size 35 (?) needles, which were hilarious to knit with. I was at an outdoor Shakespeare play with CVCG, (who shall now be forever called Smelly Melly due to an unfortunate BO situation) and finished it during the play. I love it, and ALMOST can't wait for the colder weather. Cast on 6 stitches, knit knit knit until you're done!

Here's an updated picture of that ugly Paris Loop I was knitting - I didn't quite follow the pattern, so this is what I got - I'll probably bind off sooner than later, try it on and see what happens...stay tuned.


Anonymous laurie said...

Oh! Rowan tuft! Love it! mmmmm looks fuzzy...

11:35 AM  

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