Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Universe Loves Me...It Really Loves Me!!

I won a teevee. Ok, so who ever wins anything, much less a teevee??

I figure it's the Universe's way of making it up to me. See, because the Universe and I have had some issues lately. I'm taking specific issue with the quality of the men, or lack thereof, that it has been sending me. I mean, really! Come on!!

There was the guy who lived in my very small town that had been to every party I had been to this summer and had all the same friends that I did. He and I had never met until I emailed him via Apparently, we were 5 feet away from each other at a bar not two weeks earlier but had not met. Anyway, a couple of great dates later, it unfortunately fizzles for reasons that I shouldn't post here. Hm. Next!

Then, there was Soft-Spoken Guy who could barely be strong enough to stand up to his dog, yet was aggressive enough to randomly move in for a kiss while I was mid-sentence and I hadn't given ANY kind of signal that it would be ok to do so...Next!

And...that's kind of it. Wow. How very...blah. Of course there is the IHOP of men...I have conversations with an Israeli guy, a South African guy, and a Swiss guy. SO glad I'm taking conversational Italian classes at the community college...should come in handy.

Ok, so to make it up to me, and to prove that the Universe loves me and wants me to be happy...I won a 26" flat screen teevee today in a raffle at a brokers' open! I was one of two female agents in attendance in a room full of about 55 male commercial real estate agents. You should have seen those men's jaws drop when they announced my name, "but she's just gonna watch Desperate Housewives and E True Hollywood Story! She's not gonna appreciate that High-Def for baseball and football the way the Good Lord intended!!"

Oh yes I will...Josh Duhamel from Las Vegas in high definition...yummy.
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And the best part is? I can plug BOTH my DVD player AND my TiVo into the TV at the same is good.

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Blogger M.Thom said...

Glad to see you back in the Blogosphere...I was getting so sad that you hadn't blogged in so long!

Congrats on the great TV! And you can still watch baseball on it...paying attention to those tight little tushes that so many of them have!

4:52 AM  
Blogger Marissa said...

Sorry about the time away! Life has just been REALLY boring lately! Thanks for sticking with me, though!! :)

7:21 AM  
Blogger stacyo said...

I'm so jealous. (but in a good way, i swear.)

10:27 AM  
Blogger BertandFelix said...

I am throughly jealous!! You will have to get some of those kitty dvd's to entertain the pets on the nifty tv. I know they would appreciate it. :)

12:53 PM  

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