Thursday, August 04, 2005

Breakups SUCK.

I'm not having a sobby, poor me moment, I'm having a moment of such rage that my animals are hiding under the bed. Ok, I'm exaggerating. I'm not filled with rage, I'm just really angry and annoyed that I wasted tears, love, and heartache on this bastard.

I come home from a reasonably nice date (although this guy did mostly talk about himself and didn't offer to pay...rrrr. But that's not why I'm raging) and I check my email (cuz I'm such an email whore).

And, in my email is a response from Cold Hearted DickHead (yes, my ex, we'll just call him Dick for short). He is responding to my relatively pleasant email requesting that he allow me to buy him out of the Jack Johnson concert tickets that we had bought together back when we were pretending we were in love.

Me: "I'd like to take someone else to the concert, so if you wouldn't mind, can I send you $40 for the ticket?" (He doesn't have to know that the "someone else" is my best friend Nikki, it's much more fun to imagine him stewing about who I'm taking)

Dick: "Actually, I really wanted to go, and checked Craigslist and there are lots of available tickets if you need to buy some."

Ok, so maybe it was the "I'm taking someone else" comment that made him respond like such a DICK. Or, it could be because he IS A DICK. But hey - I wanted to hurt that cold dick the way he'd hurt me. Although, I'm not sure someone without a heart can get hurt.

Regardless of the reason, he is a cold hearted bastard, and it gives me great pleasure to publish that fact on the internets. So there.


Blogger M.Thom said...

Have you read about Glitter's break-up asshole stories? Check her out at Sorry he is being a jerk...hope you still get to go to the show (I LOVE that Jack Johnston!!)!

8:53 AM  
Blogger rightsvault said...

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9:51 AM  
Blogger Marissa said...

Thanks for the sweet words, M.Thom - you're a doll! I will definitely check out Glitter's stories, thanks for giving me yet another blog to stalk!! - Marissa

12:07 PM  

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