Saturday, November 12, 2005

What do you want from me!?

Crazy Aunt Purl and I have been living parallel lives and trying to eliminate clutter. Like any good and faithful stalker, of course I feel like we're totally alike and that she's writing about ME! I completely related to what she had to say, "I begin to rationalize that the house would never be messy again if only I had more organizational items, like shelves and wooden magazine holders, and I must immediately rush off to Ikea because that is clearly the only solution to the messy house situation." I had just been shopping that day for plastic boxes to keep clothes in that I'll never fit my big fat ass into ever again, but am not prepared for that thought. And then she mentioned the cute little polka dotted cardboard boxes she bought to deal with the clutter - oh yes, I have them too.
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And then, because of course the problem I have with the walk-in closet that I can't walk into is my dresser. Right? Sure, whatever Purl Girl, you tell yourself whatever you want I must run off to The Container Store, drop $150, and come home with this...
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I tried that system in high school - it didn't work then either. But, I'm an optimist, so I'm hopeful it will work.

My friend turned me onto "Mission Organization" on the HGTV channel and I'm addicted. Thank God for Tivo so I don't have to miss even just one episode. I swear, I thought I was a pig!? No way - these people are so much worse off. Tune in, it will make y'all feel a LOT better about your yarn closets.

And you gotta love Southern people. Rather than shabby chic being the new thing...they have Krispy Chic...I think that may be the look I'm trying to pull off here in Casa della Micio (kitty in Italian)! I took this while vacationing in Georgia last Thanksgiving:
Savannah, GA
Quick question - can anyone tell me what a tater baby is? Is that like a tater tot, but younger and not on solid food yet?

StacyO and I are going to the opening of yet another LYS in San Rafael called Marin Fiber Arts. The really sad thing is that is my high point of my weekend. Oh yes, living the life of a sassy single's great. Really.

I leave you with these words of wisdom captured on film by yours truly and her twisted sense of humor and offered by the Bull Street Baptist Church in Savannah, GA.
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Anonymous laurie said...

Yes, we are living parallel lives... because I have that SAME EXACT SET OF CARDBOARD BOXES. Also, that sign... TATER BABIES!!! I love me a tater baby. mmmmmmmm.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Tara said...

No, really.....what's a tater baby?
That's funny about the box thing. I have a bazillion empty boxes, just waiting for the perfect organizational use. Unfortunately, I can never decide what to use the damn things for, so I have to then organize my empty boxes. Meanwhile, everything else I own is strewn about.

12:53 PM  

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