Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's cute! It's felted! Well, not yet.

I was in desperate need of a project that looked nice! I had been working forEVER on a great, asymmetrical poncho that used crazy bumpy fun yarn and had a great drape. But, it didn't look right.

So, one afternoon when I called up StacyO and asked what she was up to and she said she was going to a yarn store, I figured I'd tag along. I was convinced I didn't need anything and that I had plenty of projects in my stash, but I couldn't ever pass up a yarn shopping trip. Especially since I was still in the Holiday Shopping Habit and wasn't ready to have that be over yet!

We trekked out to a local yarn/crafts store in San Rafael and we happened upon this darling pattern for a "Cute Little Felted Purse" - they had a sample in my colors, blue and bluer, and I fell in love. It's a super easy stockinette pattern with increases simply by changing needle sizes and I thought - I can't mess that up! And so far, so good.

Here's a little bit...

And a little more...(after staying up until 12:30 knitting) - I'm just 4 rows away from bind-off, then I sew it up, felt it, and I'm done! They say to knit a handle, but I've never thought that was very cute, so I'm going to buy a cute wooden or lucite handle for it. Perhaps I'll embellish it with a vintage brooch or something too.

Image hosted by

Yarn - Crystal Palace Stardust Fizz color 4212, and Cascade 220 color 7815

And, I have discovered that storing projects in Ziplocs is very convenient. I went away this past weekend, and brought several projects with me. It was so handy to pack up all the needles I would need for the project, the yarn, and the pattern in one bag and be on my way. This is probably old news for you experienced knitters, but it was an exciting epiphany to me! I'm ordering 2 gallon freezer bags online (they come in cases of 100!) so that I can store bigger projects!


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oooh that is pretty! I cant wait to see it finished. Who is the pattern published by?

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