Sunday, August 07, 2005

My first hat!!

I did it! I knit my first hat while hungover in bed this morning. I had way too much fun last night on an eHarmony date. I was actually drinking NOT to tolerate the guy, but because we were actually having fun!! Things are looking pretty good this weekend, I gotta say.

So, Friday night, I started the hat during a movie with my best girl Nikki and finished it this morning while chugging Coke and Ibuprofen trying to erase the damage done last night by too many Tanqueray and Tonics.
I'm triumphant because I read the pattern all by myself, decreased stitches all by myself, blocked it, and sewed up the seam! I'm not sure I did the seam right, but you can't really tell, so it's ok.

Elvis the cat helped me block it before I sewed the seam closed:

Today, in my travels, I saw this Mama Horse and her colt - for those of you who know me know that I've been a horse person since I could walk, and I do believe this was the first time I'd seen a colt up close. I melted.


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