Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Think of All the Yarn (and kitties) I Could Store...

I used to laugh at Stacy when she would moan and groan about yarn spilling out of every closet in her home, and what a yarn ho she'd become...til I started knitting. I'm already an eBay addict, I love to shop, and to spend money on frivolous things, so knitting was probably not the best hobby to pick up. I have already bought 9 balls of yarn for projects that don't exist. I just really liked the color, the feel, the rush I felt when clicking "Buy it NOW" on eBay. 7 of those 9 balls came from eBay. Sick, I tell you, this is SICK!

I realized that I could no longer have USPS soft packs lying around my house, so I trucked off to the Container Store - which I love. Seriously my favorite store. First of all, I am a total slob. I am the least organized person I know. Drives me INSANE. I love to walk into the Container Store - I feel calm. Like there's hope for the insanity that is my apartment. Dick used to say I lived in chaos. I don't think I completely agree, but there's a lot of shit everywhere. If I had a million bucks, I would spend at least half of it at the Container Store - buying all those nice tidy boxes to keep all my shit in.

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(While looking at this picture, does anyone else hear angels, bells, and a choir singing "alleluia"? Ok, I'm the only sick one, but that's cool. I'm ok with that.)

I walked in, and was browsing through the aisles touching everything, and it occured to me...think of all the yarn I could store.

Oh Elvis - Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I really should get through my current project before buying yarn for one that doesn't exist...dontcha think?

Speaking of which - this is the scarf I am knitting for my darling Noelle. Red Heat Light & Lofty yarn in Sage. It's a beautiful color, and the yarn is super soft and snuggly. I like it much better than the snot yarn I attempted to knit the poor girl a scarf with.

I soon need to learn how to knit on circular needles, so as soon as I find the perfect yarn, this is what I'm going to attempt (thank you MagKnits!):

Even Container Store containers store kitties!


Blogger stacyo said...

Red Heart yarn? Eeek. Have I taught you nothing about fine yarns?

11:08 AM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

The Yarn can be SO addictive!
I've got a couple of bins of yarn that are intended for projects that i have no clue when the heck I'm going to get to do because as soon as I have one project done I find another project I want to do NOW and cant wait.
Then theres the yarns that I find on ebay, and the yarns I see in the store and say "OH! The color! So pretty! and the texture! SO SOFT!"
and yes, i have Red Heart and Lion Brand in my stash...
I think I'm beyond help....

9:04 PM  
Blogger Marissa said...

Oh so scary, Vanessa! I'm new at this and my bin is so empty, but I can see that it's going to get full so quick...thank GOD for eBay in case it gets out of control...wait! No! I can't get rid of my yarn!!

9:48 AM  
Blogger micheljones5324 said...

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11:55 PM  

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