Saturday, August 05, 2006

While Cruising the InterWebs Today...

...instead of going on a bike ride to lose the most weight and win our Weightloss-apalooza, I came across this great blog, through Crazy Aunt Purl's Q&A post:

Lots of great financial advice, and how to live frugally. I am sure she frowns upon impulse buys of yarn, but whatever. She's a real woman who is dealing with day to day spending limits. We could all learn a little something.

While reading her blog, I come across this post: What Happens When Cheap Meets Crazy
You guys HAVE to check this out. I thought the guys I've dated have been crazy assholes? This guy takes the cake. It's about a successful New Yorker who met a woman on J-Date (an online dating site for Jewish folk), and the cheapness/crazy that ensues.

This will make you feel better about being single. I sure counted my lucky stars.

Have a great weekend, dear readers, I must get on that bike!!

But, my knitting looks more interesting...


Anonymous finance girl said...

would never frown on yarn splurges! love ya for the mention! isn't crazyauntpurl great! love her to bits!!

5:44 PM  

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