Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Strange Messages I Have Received...

We all get those weirdo spam emails that make no sense and offer us stock prices or whatever. I use a BlackBerry, so I often get the hidden message in plain text and last night I received this:

Angelina its britneys turn go namibia parenting.
Telephone calls golf modem lines room no.
Childsized give better lifevoice instruct.


But stranger still is the text message that I received on Friday from my hot Irish neighbor that I was dating. This was in response to my inquiring via text message if he was up for a date on Saturday night:

"With all respect I believe that maybe not the best idea -
don't worry u will be back in action in a few short weeks."


Back in action? Gee, thanks. I wasn't aware that I was, a: out of action or 2: in need of being in action, or c: really desperate to be in action with this emotionally retarded, Student Visa carrying, flaky Irishman.

In other news, 19% of students at UCONN thought that Martin Luther King, Jr fought to end slavery.

And this is the future of America, people.


Anonymous Liza said...

You crack me up!
What on earth is he talking about?

7:26 PM  

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