Wednesday, November 15, 2006

California...knows how to party.

Bloggers unite! On Saturday, Kristy and Tami joined me at my office to sew up a million squares that Kristy had collected to make a blanket for Crazy Aunt Purl's Grandma. Very sweet thing for Kristy to do, and I was pleased I could help. I love that Crazy Aunt Purl, and all day long, I wondered if sewing up all these squares meant I had entered a new place of Crazy. But, in the end, I justified it as doing a nice thing for a sweet lady. We have all gotten so cynical and image conscious that we worry that doing a nice thing for someone means something weird, and so then the nice thing loses power. I have to remember to embrace doing something nice - and just realize that doing something nice is...well...nice. And often appreciated.

Here we are in front of our blanket, getting ready to sew up. Hidden from view is the bottle of champagne and our glasses of mimosas!
And, after a couple of hours of sewing and drinking mimosas...we've made some progress!

(Thank you Kristy and Tami for letting me pirate your photos from your blogs!)

It was great to meet both of these lovely ladies, and Kristy's sister-in-law Lori - we had a fun time, and once we all stopped making faces at each other...hee hee...

In Other News...

I am apparently an amazing person. Wonderful. Inspiring even. Men love to spend time with me. And have enjoyed my company. SO, if all that is true (and let's assume it is) come I keep getting these lovely compliment, followed by, "BUT..." and any or all of the following,

A. "I'm too busy for a relationship"

B. "We have different expectations"

C. "I am not emotionally available" (double bonus points for that one)

or, D. all of the above. Which I got on Sunday night, which by the way, was only a second date. WTF??

Let's see, that makes THREE this summer.

ARRRGGGHHHHH...thank GOD for knitting! I started a very cute cable knit purse with some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Chunky - look how cute! I have the pattern and would gladly share - email me for a PDF.

Cable Knit Purse

Off to try on wedding gowns...not me, unfortunately, but my darling friend whose lovely and handsome boyfriend proposed with a rock the size of her head. Love it!


Anonymous Liza said...

Hi Marissa, that pocketbook is super cute. I would love the pattern... did you design it? Liza

8:38 PM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

That bag is FABULOUS! I'd love a pdf of the pattern, if you don't mind.

7:59 PM  

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