Saturday, February 18, 2006

Binge! And Purge!

StacyO and I hopped in the car and drove an hour south today to attend the Stitches West Knitting Conference today!

We thought we might find some nice, unique yarns, tools and patterns, but instead found lots of Fug, and lots of stuff we'd seen before. All in all, it was fun, and of course I ended up spending too much money on yarn! I bought about 1300 yards of lovely gray Alpaca for about $40, some lovely denim colored Alapaca for $3.99 a skein (!!), and assorted needles and notions that I needed.

In order to make room for the 8 balls of Valley Berkshire Bulky that I picked up at the WEBS booth for the Kitty Pi that I have planned, I had to get rid of some of my precious yarn that I either got bored with or will never knit with.

My attention deficit is your gain! Check out my stash for sale on eBay! (there are some other not-related-to-yarn goodies worth checking out as well!)

In other news, we saw SNOW-capped mountains on our way down there! It never snows here! Last week, we had 75 degree weather and then it dropped to the mid-30s...brrr...and I guess it was cold enough to snow! This is taken from Hwy 101 close to Santa Clara/Palo Alto area.