Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This is a great list.

As a young woman (ahem, nearly 29...) who is relatively actively looking for a future husband, I get a kick out of other young single women's blogs. One that I have bookmarked is Charming, But Single.

She's a sassy southern woman with a lot of the same experiences with men/girlfriends/bars, etc that I do, so I really relate to her daily posts. I wish I could remember where I discovered her. She's great!

Every so often, I come across a post that I have to share with friends.
One of my favorites was "Professionalism is the key to attracting decent suitors", where she writes a thank you note to a date based on the fact that first dates always feel like job interviews. I loved it, because how often have I felt the same way? A lot.

My most recent favorite was today's: "The Five Things I Should Know By the End of Our Date".
After having been on two really boring dates with someone who was SO wrong for me, I really related to this one.

Thanks Charming, But Single!

(I hope she doesn't think I'm plagiarizing...I just love her!)

Anyway, go read her blog. You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll want to go open a bottle of wine with her.