Monday, July 31, 2006


Hi All - I know it's been about a million and a half years since I last posted, but I've been super busy trying to build my business and have an unsuccessful relationship with a divorcing, emotionally unavailable guy. Let me tell ya - THAT's fun. JEEEEEEEZUS, divorcing guys have their heads so far up their ass, it's unbelievable. We had a great time together, got along great, but he's so screwed up from being single after 16 years of marriage, that I just couldn't break through.

So, NEXT!!

Right now, I'm loving being fabulous and single, and will just see what crosses my path. I'm also competing in a Biggest Loser style weightloss competition with 7 of my friends. Read about it here. At stake - 900 smackers. That's a LOT of yarn.

Until then, I'm buying yarn like it's going out of style. My inability to control myself in a yarn store (Hi, Impulse Buy of 11 balls of Karabella Aurora Bulky at 40% off...), is your gain. I'm clearing out my stash, and the rule is...if I don't have a pattern for it, or haven't knit with it for 6 months or more, it's going on eBay.

Check it out - I have some GORGEOUS yarn on there. AND, if you email me and want to take it off my hands, I'll end the auction, take your money through PayPal, and SHIP IT TO YOU FOR FREE. Email me at

Adrienne Vittadini PALOMA, Deep Ocean Blue. 4 balls.
Adrienne Vittadini PALOMA

Crystal Palace ICELAND, Icestorm. 2 balls.
Crystal Palace ICELAND

Wow. What a deal. How can you resist!?

Here are some adorable kitten pictures to make your day a happy one. This is Elsie, my Marin Humane Society foster kitten.

You are powerless under my command!

You are powerless under my command!